Director / Writer / Editor
Horror Short

From the vaults of the golden age of slasher films comes LAKE NOWHERE, a raucous, bloody romp which resurrects the thrill of gory midnight movies for an hour-long plunge into the depths of horror.

Starring Oscar Allen, Paul Gagnon, Charles Gaskins, Laura Hajek, Melody Kology, Wray Villanova, Nathan Andrew Wright and Matthew Howk as the Masked ManiacTrailer Narrated by John Harlacher.

Directed by Christopher Phelps & Maxim Van Scoy.  Written by R. S. Fitzgerald & Christopher Phelps.  Director of Photography Jenny Leavitt.  Producer R. S. Fitzgerald.  Executive Producer Rose Sambrato.  Original Score by Ian Nichols and Stephen Clark Phelps.  Sound Design Joel Barlow.  Make-Up Special Effects Madeleine Koestner.  On-Set Special Effects Jonathan Phelps.  Wardrobe Supervisor Jill d'Oronzo.  Masked Maniac Design by Lucas Van Scoy.  Trailer Music by Anthony Espina.  An Ursidae Parade / Ravacon Collective Production.